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308 Utilizing Subject Matter Experts to Create Effective Training

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Wednesday, April 20

Tracks: Development & Tools

Many don’t know where to start when training must be created to address a business problem or gap. They feel the need to become an expert on the topic that the training should be built around, yet hours of research can make the appointed trainer feel overwhelmed. They generally run out of time and throw a presentation together based on content they found but don’t fully understand, which makes it nearly impossible for the learner to digest. Time is wasted and the business problem remains. As a trainer, don’t do a ton of research on your own when creating content. Instead, collaborate with subject matter experts who will essentially create the training for you.

In this session, you’ll learn how to create effective training presentations for a variety of topics, without ever becoming an expert. You’ll gain an understanding of how to choose the right subject matter experts to collaborate with, and these SMEs will provide you with ALL the training content you’ll need. You’ll find out how to engage your SMEs and create a working relationship with them. You’ll learn how to explain what their role is in creating YOUR training content. You’ll acquire a knowledge of controlling the conversation with your SMEs, leading you to get the most out of your meetings with them. You’ll become familiar with the importance of interviewing multiple SMEs so that you not only obtain a ton of great information on best practices that’ll address your business problem, but you’ll also likely notice commonalities between the SMEs’ feedback (this is ‘gold’ when finalizing your content). You’ll leave this session feeling extremely confident, as you’ll know how the great teachers out there utilize the experience of others to create the most effective trainings.

In this session, you will learn:

  • That anyone can gather expert testimony and experience, which you can then translate into training content
  • How to choose the right SMEs for your training
  • Techniques for engaging the SME appropriately and creating a working relationship that incentivizes them to assist
  • How to guide your conversations with SMEs so that you get all the information you’ll need
  • About the benefits of interviewing multiple SMEs for one project / training

Technology discussed:

Zoom, PowerPoint

Pat Geraghty

Sales Enablement Specialist


Patrick Geraghty graduated from California State University, Channel Islands in 2015, and has been working at Cydcor ever since. He currently serves as a sales enablement specialist, where he has the opportunity to create a variety of different sales trainings for larger groups.

Brendan Teague

Director, Sales Enablement


Brendan Teague has been a part of the Cydcor direct sales business for nearly two decades. He’s held roles in commission sales, local and regional sales leadership, and prior to moving into his current role of director of sales enablement was a director of national accounts for Cydcor.