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310 Virtual Learning Through Social Media, Reality TV & Online Games

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Wednesday, April 20

Tracks: Virtual Classrooms

When it comes to the virtual classroom we can all check the required boxes: Virtual platform, check; facilitator and producer, check; using platform engagement tools, check, check, check. However, the stakes are much higher when delivering a multi-week, virtual leadership program. What’s needed is engagement and interaction before the launch, offline touchpoints throughout the multi-week program, and energizing weekly virtual sessions leveraging multiple interactivity tools and techniques through fun, relatable themes.

This session will provide a case study of the MHI’s Industry Leadership Program, a blended multi-week, leader-led, profit-generating leadership development experience that operates on a shoestring budget. Through creative virtual instructional design and facilitation, free or low-cost engagement software platforms, and value-added offline program experiences, the MHI Industry Leadership Program creates a virtual learning cohort for high potential new and emerging leaders from top supply chain and material handling companies. In addition, the program sells out every offering using grassroots marketing on social media. You will learn the components of this unique virtual leadership experience: senior leaders sharing their leadership stories, participant connection through reflection activities and group discussions, and sustainment between sessions through microlearning videos. Next, you’ll explore fun themes to create a link to the content and energizing mini virtual breaks to keep participant energy high. Then, you’ll look at creating interactive instructional activities and utilizing online tools to maintain focus and support learning.  Finally, you will identify virtual facilitation tools to deliver a streamlined learning experience and connect with your participants. You’ll leave this session with a planning worksheet, a list of resources and activities, and excitement for your next virtual learning experience.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to design fun content themes that capture participants’ interest
  • To leverage tools and learning activities that allow learners to connect and learn from their virtual classmates
  • To deliver additional program components that create a unique learning experience
  • How to create a safe learning environment for participants to try new skills

Technology discussed:

Kahoot, Mural, StoryTagger, Bonjoro, Factile, Streamdeck, Ecamm Live, Zoom, Otter, Camtasia, MS Office 365

Maria Leggett

Director of Talent and Professional Development


Maria Leggett is the director of talent and professional development at MHI, an international trade association. She leads a team responsible for human capital thought leadership, talent and leadership development programs, and industry credentialing. She has been driving learning, talent development, and organizational change management for 15+ years at Fortune 500 corporations and mid-sized firms. Maria has a master’s degree in instructional design and holds numerous industry certifications including ICF-certified coach (ACC), ATD Certified Master Trainer, Senior Human Resources Professional (SHRM-SCP) and Agile and Project Management (PMP, CSM, SAFe SPC). Psychometric qualifications include Everything DiSC, Hogan, Workplace Big 5, and Energy Leadership Index.