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309 Virtual Reality: A Strategic Approach from Pilot to a Full Rollout

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Wednesday, April 12

Tracks: AR & VR

Virtual reality is revolutionizing the learning and development and HR industries. VR is quickly becoming a cornerstone of corporate learning. This innovative technology is based on behavioral and cognitive science and provides users with a memorable tool that accelerates learning and skill building resulting in rapid proficiency in their roles. So, your VR pilot was successful… now what? How can you increase awareness and adoption in your organization? How can you position VR learning as an enterprise solution and not just the L&D’s department’s flashy idea?

In this session, we’ll host a panel to discuss the strategy for VR deployment, from pilot to enterprise launch. We will identify best practices for how to involve others in the organization to ensure a successful enterprisewide launch. You will leave with a pilot to enterprise launch checklist to help you organize and execute a successful enterprise launch.

In this session you will learn:

  • The steps to take after a successful VR pilot to get to a successful enterprise launch
  • How to identify best practices for involving others in the organization in the enterprise launch
  • You will leave with a pilot to enterprise launch checklist to use immediately in your organization

Betty Dannewitz

Founder, CEO, the actual Betty


Betty Dannewitz is an immersive experience designer with over 18 years in corporate learning and development. She is also a speaker, podcaster, and high-performance coach. Betty’s passion is to help people become better humans and she advocates that innovative technology, like augmented reality, has a HUGE role in making that happen.

Debbie Richards


Creative Interactive Ideas

Debbie Richards is a learning architect, self-proclaimed geek, and early adopter of learning technologies. A learning architect ensures a clear vision with a clearly defined roadmap, bringing together tools, platforms, and content into a form that is easy to use, scales, and delivers a great user experience. Passionate about working with and mentoring other talent development professionals, Debbie is the past president of the ATD Houston chapter and a past national advisor for chapters. She is the author of Seeing the Possibilities With Augmented Reality, an ATD TD at Work publication, and is a Guild Master.

Heath Shatouhy

Chief Commercial Officer


Working in the small, midsize, and enterprise-level business community for over 25 years, Heath Shatouhy brings extensive consultative HR and operations experience to the table. His award-winning success is built on clear communication, diligent follow-up, and substantial experience across multiple industries. For the last 10 years, Heath has been living a start-up life. Leveraging his experience building and scaling high-performance sales, marketing, and client success teams, Heath leads the demand generation efforts in his role as the chief commercial officer for Immerse.

Tom Symonds

Chief Executive Officer


Tom Symonds worked in the technology and VR space for more than 20 years. He is the CEO and co-founder of Immerse, an award-winning immersive technology company that has been leading change and innovation in eLearning for over 10 years. Tom has gained a reputation for innovation and the creation of disruptive business models following his career at leading technology companies, where he was responsible for driving digital innovation.