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507 VR Training Case Study: Mine Hazard Awareness

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Thursday, April 21

Tracks: AR & VR

A continuously growing option in learning experience design comes to us straight from the future. In virtual reality, the user immerses themselves in a simulated environment to practice skills anytime, anywhere. In VR, we can recreate any environment or location, and our learners can feel safe while they practice, fail, succeed, and grow. In partnership with the South Dakota School of Mining (SDSM&T) and MSHA, Motive developed hazard awareness training in a virtual, true-to-life open-pit mining environment. This VR learning experience became a valuable piece of the onboarding process for new miners from conception to delivery.

In this session, we will explore how in partnership with MSHA and SDSM&T, we developed a realistic, immersive, and practical way to provide new and existing miners training. We will explain how we created this experience to take full advantage of the virtual reality medium. We will detail how we constructed an accessible learning experience where learners can explore, practice, and fail in a consequence-free space before venturing out to the job site. We will discuss how safety was the catalyst for creating this experience and how helping miners safely prepare for the future working environment was present from the beginning of the project. To close, we will also share the pilot results and six months’ worth of data collected during the training rollout.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The design process used to bring this VR learning experience to life
  • How to take existing learning objectives and adapt them for the VR medium
  • How the experience was measured and then used to identify ROI
  • How to identify a quality learning experience the is suitable for VR development
  • How to choose a vendor for your next immersive learning project

Technology discussed: Unity, virtual reality, Storyflow, design thinking, Millanote

Destery Hildenbrand

Senior Learning Experience Producer


Destery Hildenbrand is a learning experience producer at Motive.io. He has over 15 years of experience in training and development for corporate and higher education, focusing on engaging others through technology and immersive reality experiences. Destery helps organizations design and develop engaging and effective virtual reality experiences in his current role.

Clint Kling

Mining Engineer


Clint Kling is a mining engineer with an emphasis in explosives engineering and has experience in surface and underground mining operations. He has led teams safely and effectively throughout his career. Clint has helped coordinate and develop oil wells while working at Baker Hughes, and various projects for the Sanford Underground Research Facility. Clint is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in mining engineering at South Dakota Mines. A recent innovative development of Clint’s is a hazard recognition virtual reality module that is enhancing industry to train personal more efficiently and successfully.