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709 Workflow Learning: Providing Learning Just-In-Time Instead of Just-In-Case

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM
Thursday, April 21

Tracks: Micro & Workflow Learning

As employees return to work in a new normal with restricted office spaces, hybrid scenarios, or remote working, the challenge of how to support and train these users at their moment of need is on every company’s mind. The problem is that most organizations are not prepared to provide blended learning solutions that will support their employees at their moment of need, but the traditional training models of putting people in a class (physical or virtual) to train them is not going to work in the new normal. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a formula that organizations could follow to provide their employees continuous support and training in their flow of work instead of creating training just in case employees need it?

For learning to truly be beneficial to employees, it has to be tied to their actual performance on the job. This session will discuss and share examples of how you can get out of the training business and get into the performance support business by helping employees at their moment of need. We will start by discussing the Five Moments of Need methodology (by Conrad Gottfredson and Bob Mosher) and the benefits it provides to the learner as well as the organization by properly supporting employees in the workflow instead of using binge training. Then we will look at four learning formats that can be used in training, and we’ll assess the progressive effectiveness of each. Next, we will dig into the concepts of EPSS and digital coaching to see how learning can be brought to the learner instead of expecting the learner to discover the learning on their own. Lastly, we will visualize the effectiveness of a digital coach in performance support by seeing it in action at each of the Five Moments of Need and witnessing how it holistically supports employees throughout their learning journey.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What workflow learning is and how it’s different from traditional learning
  • About the Five Moments of Need methodology and how it benefits the organizations as well as the employees
  • Four learning formats and the benefits of each
  • Why a digital coach is needed and how it can guide the learner
  • What the implementation of workflow learning actually looks like
  • How the Five Moments of Need can be implemented to support employees throughout their learning journey

Technology discussed:

5 Moments of Need methodology, workflow learning

Asif Rehmani

Advisor & Trainer


Asif Rehmani, founder and CEO of VisualSP, is hyper-focused on the areas of digital transformation and employee training. He has been training and mentoring on technologies since 2002. He has authored several books and spoken at conferences worldwide on numerous topics. Asif has been awarded the Microsoft MVP designation every year since 2007.